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Thesis Exhibition

Have you ever felt obligated to keep something you don’t want?

This project began as an investigation into the reasons people might keep objects with which they have an ambivalent relationship to as a way to investigate my own relationship to retention, but has turned into so much more.  It became an archive of objects, stories, and experiences, both mine, the participants, the objects and people from the object's past and future.  It became an experience and space for interaction between humans, human-object, object-object and infinite combinations.  It has also become the premise for an ongoing set of works, or a continuous single work that shifts and transforms to the space and time it is presented.  Please see below for my original call, this variation differs from the original in that I am asking for small objects/ materials, under 6" in all dimensions or smaller than 12" x 12" x 1"

The current iteration will only be up on April 24th 2-5pm at the Otis open studios




I’m an LA area artist working towards my MFA at Otis College of Art and Design and I am currently examining undesired items alongside the reasons people keep things.

I’m asking for you to donate a single object that you have kept and no longer want but can’t seem to give up.  Through this singular item donation you will be participating in my upcoming thesis exhibition of unwanted possessions, while simultaneously finding it a new loving home and elevating it to “art”.


The boring details:

The installation is only up for a few days but will be continuously in flux as I install new objects and remove objects going to a new home. When you arrive I would like to ask you a couple of questions about the item/ your relationship to it.


For a frame of reference to what I am asking for – I don’t have specific requests.  Your object could be very small or quite large. It could be furniture, clothing, a piece of material or wood you planned to make into something, a family keepsake or a gift you received. Anything at all. The only parameter is that you have kept it and feel obligated to keep this item that you don’t really want.

The original exhibition ran March 27- March 31st.

To learn more about my work, look around here or check out my Instagram.

Contact me here to participate!

Thanks for your interest, keep an eye out for next steps.

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