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Born in San Diego, Ca. Ali holds a BFA in metalsmithing from CSULB, with a strong focus on blacksmithing. The work produced during their BFA was primarily large-scale sculptural line work, from reclaimed or scavenged steel.

For over 12 years post BFA they fabricated props and sets, Production Designed for various non-union projects and worked as a union Property Asst/ Master for television.

Ali is now focusing on their own art practice as a MFA ('22) student within the Art and Social Practice program at Otis College of Art and Design.

My Process

Via my work in the entertainment industry I gained a new perspective on how to craft both objects and spaces for audience eyes, working across limited and expansive budgets which taught me flexibility in form and materials.

Conceptually my pieces revolve around refuse and consumption, and have recently begun to incorporate themes of mental health and discussions of neurodiversity.

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