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March 27th - 31st
10a - 7p daily

Opening reception
March 27th 3-6p

Triptych of Modular Wall Units - A Study, 2022

Built from reclaimed and contributed objects. Photo AliCat

Immersive Art Installation Transitional Objects opens at Bolsky Gallery

An evolving project which queries the community as potential collaborators - Have you ever felt obligated to keep something you don’t want?

[LOS ANGELES]  The Bolsky Gallery and Otis College of Art & Design are pleased to present Transitional Objects, a thesis exhibition open to the public March 27th-March 31st.  Transitional Objects features all-new work from MFA Art & Social Practice Candidate AliCat (Ali Minette), building both conceptually and materially from previous works which utilized waste and excess as ideological and physical components.  Moving away from near literal interpretations of mental health and diagnosis under capitalism, this piece begins to navigate the relationships between person-object, object-object and object as agential individual.


Across many cultural beliefs, as well as in the interdisciplinary field of New Materialism, and the metaphysics theory of Object Oriented-Ontology, objects are not exclusively acted upon by outside forces, but have agency of their own.  We often believe that we give meaning to objects - animating them in our likeness, but what inherent properties do objects have that allow this exchange?  What exists independently of the subject rendering an object meaningful?


During gallery hours there will be an ongoing performative integration of surfeit items,  removal of objects claimed by new guardians, and relocation of objects when deemed necessary.  As objects are removed, relocated or repositioned, narrative shifts are possible, bringing to light the natural charisma of the objects at play.


This ongoing project is undergirded by the larger framework of their practice, which remains critical of but continuously influencedby their experience as a queer neurodivergent person on the design and fabrication side of the entertainment industry.  To learn more about their art practice and further methodologies in the creation of Transitional Objects, please look around this website.


Opening reception will be held March 27th 3pm-6pm.  9045 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Please go here to RSVP to visit another day as required by Otis.


If you are interested in participating in the collaborative aspect of this project through the donation of an object, please click here for guidelines.

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